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Timberwolves Sports

The Dugout Club is made up of dedicated Woodcreek High School parents who want to enhance their child's high school baseball experience. The main purpose of the Dugout Club is to organize and manage all fund-raising events that provide the needed funds for all levels of the WHS baseball program.

As a non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

TAX ID number: 94-3239441

2017/2018 Woodcreek Dugout Club Board Members:

President: Robyn Court (bcourt at comcast dot net)
Vice President: Angelica Watari (awatari at dcjesd dot us)
Treasurer: Michelle Zoucha (mzoucha at rjuhsd dot us)
Secretary: Erica Taylor (etaylor37 at yahoo dot com)
Information Officer: Keri Harvey (kharveywhsbb at gmail dot com)
Events Coordinator: Stacie Martinez (stacie.martinez at yahoo dot com)
Sponsorship/Dinner Night Coordinator: Tamara Martinez
Surf & Turf Fundraiser Coordinators: Suzanne Weidkamp and Amy Bello
Field Coordinators: Greg Whitaker (greg.whitaker70 at gmail dot com) and Mike Martinez


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