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Freshmen win their first home game

Freshman vs Yuba City HS on 3/21/2013 4:00:00 PM
Posted Friday, March 22, 2013 by Kevin Loeb

The bats stayed strong for the team and they were needed as the Freshmen won 15-11.  Yuba City put the ball in play and challenged the Freshmen who struggled at times with some routine plays, but at the same time made some very heady plays.

#19 CL started on the mound and though he wasn't having an off day, he wasn't having an 'on' day either.  Left a few up higher than normal, but maybe his catcher letting a few passed balls go by forced CL to try to be finer in his pitch location.  Regardless, CL announced his presences with authority, hitting the first batter.  Then #13 AL allowed a passed ball and the runner advanced. CL induced a ground out but the runner advanced.  The next batter put the ball in play, but it wasn't handled by the third baseman and the run scored and the batter was safe at first.  The third baseman redeemed himself on the next batter with a put out of the lead runner at second.  Another passed ball allowed the runner to get to second. CL then issued a walk, but got himself out of the jam by striking out the next batter.

#6 JG got in quick two strike hole, but put the ball in play and reached first safely on an errant throw by the short stop. He stole second. #2JW beat out an infield single and takes second on the throw home as they try to get JG.  With runners at second and third, #12 JR gets an RBI ground out.  #13 AL follows with an RBI double down the right field line.  #24 DR flies out, but #23 KP singles in AL with a close play at home, but gets thrown out trying to take second on the throw.

After one, it is Woodcreek 2 Yuba City 1

Top of 2.
CL is still on the mound and induces another grounder but third baseman couldn't come up with it.  But again, he redeems himself getting the lead runner at second on the next batted ball.  A slow roller to the short stop results in Woodcreek again getting the lead runner at second.  Woodcreek just couldn't seem to get a ball hit hard enough or fielded clean enough to turn a double play.  CL got out of the inning inducing the lead off batter to roll over on a ball for a come backer 1-3 put out to end the inning.

Bottom of 2
Woodcreek didn't look good in it's part of the second with the first two batters striking out and a bunt attempt that went right back to the pitcher for the easy 1-3 put out.

Top of 3
CL still on the mound and managed a 1-2-3 inning that included two ground outs and a strike out.

Bottom of 3
With the top of our order up, #6JG gets hit by a pitch, but he is thrown out trying to steal second.  He put himself in a bad position having a short lead.  #2JW fought off a number of pitches to work the count full after being in the hole most of the at bat.  He was rewarded with a flair just over the first baseman's head.  #12 JR and #13 AL weren't much help to him as they both got under pitches for fly outs.

Top of 4.
#10 JS took the mound for Woodcreek. JS got ahead of the batter, but the batter got a two strike single. The next batter laid down a great bunt for a single.  The third batter flared a single and runners had to hold up causing the lead runner was thrown out at third.  JS issued a walk to load the bases.  With trouble brewing, JS walked in a run.  JS then collected himself and induced a ground out for the second out, but a run scored.  The next batter was struck out to end further damage.  Yuba City had tied up the game 3-3.

Bottom of 4.
The inning started out with a quick ground out, but like in games past, that didn't get Woodcreek down.  #24 KP triples on a great hit of a curve ball.  #25 RC drew a walk.  Yuba City changed pitchers and #15 welcomed him with a line drive that reached the hitting nets and resulted in a three run homerun.  #4 CS flied out to center field and #6 JG made the third out with an infield pop out, but the damage was done and Woodcreek was back up 6-3.

Top of 5
 #11 TG took the mound for Woodcreek.  The leadoff batter gets one past third baseman fighting off a great curve.  TG walked the next batter and a single loaded the bases for Yuba City.  TG strikes out the next batter.  With one out, TG induces a weak ground ball but it was so weak in turned into an infield single scoring a run.  Woodcreek then walked in another run.  Another infield single resulted in another score, but a arm fake by #2 JW had the runner at third fooled and he was thrown out for two outs.  TG induced a ground out to end the inning, but Yuba City had tied the game again at 6 a piece.

Bottom of 5
#2JW draws a walk and takes second on a wild pitch. #12 JR also draws a walk.  Yuba City changes pitchers.  Like #15BT before him, #13AL welcomes him with 3 run homerun that ran between the batting cages and the storage shed. #24 DR draws a walk with #18JSt pinch running.  He takes second on a wild pitch. #23KP drive monster shot to center field but a great running catch gets KP. #25RC got hit by a pitch. #15BT grounds out but  advances the runners. #4CS then lines on to shallow center field scoring two runs.  CS was caught stealing to end the inning.  Woodcreek again had gone on top 11-6.

Top of 6
#25RC is on the mound now.  He gets the lead off to ground out, but the second batter waits back on curve and singles.  He then steals base on a pitch in dirt, issues a walk.  The next batter makes Woodcreek pay with a monster double to score two.  RC recovers to get the final two out on a ground out and pop out.  Yuba City closed the gap a little trailing 11-8.

Bottom of 6.
Woodcreek is at the top of the order. #6JG pops out and #2JW gets in quick hole 0-2 but drives a pitch to center field.  It is misplayed and JW turns it into a triple. Hard hit by #12 JR singles in JW. #13AL follows with a towering double. With JR at third and AL at second, #24DR strikes out but #23KP does some damage with a two RBI single putting Woodcreek up 14-8. #25RC follows with RBI single but is thrown out on good defense by Yuba City.  But Woodcreek extended its lead to 15-8.

Top of 7
#16SC on the mound to close out the game.  He starts strong striking out the lead off batter on three pitches.  But things got dicey with an infield pop hit and a walk.  The next batter drives in a run with an RBI double.  With runners on second and third and one out, Yuba City gets another RBI single but a diving #2JW saves run. Runners are now at first and third and Yuba City gets a Sac Fly closing the score to 15-11 but with two outs. SC then induces a ground out to close out the inning and the game.


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